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Warrior Blueprint Program : Comprehensive 90-day fitness and nutrition program

The Warrior Blueprint Program is a comprehensive 90-day fitness and nutrition program designed to help you transform your body, heal your metabolism, and achieve lasting results. This program offers a range of benefits and resources to support your journey towards improved health and fitness.

One of the highlights of the program is the flexible nutrition framework. Rather than requiring you to give up your favorite foods, this framework focuses on helping you heal your metabolism. By understanding the principles of nutrition and learning how to make healthier choices, you can achieve sustainable weight loss and maintain a balanced diet.

The program also includes the 45 Minute MetTone MATRIX, a custom-tailored workout designed to maximize fat loss and sculpt toned muscles. With the guidance of expert trainers, you will learn the most effective exercises and techniques to optimize your results. The best part is that these workouts are time-efficient, allowing you to make the most of your training sessions without wasting time on ineffective exercises.

To ensure your success and keep you accountable, the program offers a Real Results Accountability System. This includes the support of a dedicated 1-on-1 coach who will guide you throughout the program. In addition, there are three layers of accountability built into the system to help you stay motivated and on track. This support structure will provide the encouragement and guidance you need to make consistent progress toward your goals.

As a participant in the program, you will also gain VIP access to the TWPP APP. This app serves as a comprehensive resource for both training and nutrition. Similar to Netflix, it offers a wide range of workouts, educational videos, and meal plans. With this tool at your fingertips, you will have the knowledge and resources to make your results last beyond the 90-day program.

In addition to the core program benefits, the Warrior Blueprint Program offers several bonus resources to enhance your experience. The Late Night Snack Recipe Book provides delicious and healthy options for those craving a snack in the evening. The Parents on-the-go Eating E-Book offers guidance and tips for busy parents, ensuring that nutrition remains a priority despite a hectic schedule. Lastly, the Metabolism Healing Grocery List on a budget provides a handy resource to help you make the right food choices without breaking the bank.

Overall, the Warrior Blueprint Program is a comprehensive and effective 90-day fitness and nutrition program. With the flexible nutrition framework, personalized workouts, accountability system, and bonus resources, participants can expect to see real results. Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle toning, or improved overall health, this program provides the guidance and support necessary to achieve your desired outcomes.

Nutrition Philosophy – 

What I’m about to say is about to ruffle some feathers…

You don’t have to diet….

That’s right, I said it…

No more bullshit diets that leave us feeling restricted, malnourished, or even worse, taking steps backwards…

This is where we reclaim our bodies, become empowered, and lead by example…

As a busy parent we understand what you’re going through. Running late, hoping you make it in time for drop off…grabbing what food we can get on the go…finally getting home from a long day starving and eating the lions share of the food…yea…been there.

It doesn’t have to be that way. 

We’ve created a system that; a. Aligns with your goals, b. Fits your lifestyle, and c. is sustainable long term giving you results that stick around

How do we do this?

It all starts with mindfulness. You see, so many of us have this fucked up relationship with food. Most of us were raised to clean the food off your plate and not to waste….what they forgot to teach us was how to portion ourselves correctly so that we could clear our plate without filling up like a balloon. 

Unfortunately, many of us take what we learned as kids and take that into our adult lives. 

It’s time to repair our relationship with food. 

Being mindful of what you’re eating….of what you’re actually putting into that face hole we call a mouth…literally just think about it…is this helping me? Or is this hindering me?

Second is moderation….

I will be the first one to tell you….go enjoy your fucking life man….i’d be lying if I said i didn’t enjoy a bacon cheeseburger and a moscow mule once maybe twice a month…Ya boy can get down on some grub, you know what I’m sayin….

BUT…all of this comes in moderation….I don’t eat this every day, or every week. But I sure as fuck enjoy that shit on a regular basis because it’s good for the fucking soul.

The best part is, I can still feel the way I want to feel, look the way I want to look, and live the way I want to live because I’m not setting stupid restrictions on myself. Quite the contrary, I make that shit work for me. Let us show you how. 

Last but certainly not least

CONSISTENCY…..I could write you the best program in the entire world….but if you struggle to stay consistent…. YOU WILL NEVER SEE THE RESULTS YOU ARE LOOKING FOR…..

Our goal is to create a customized nutrition program that aligns with your goals, fits your busy schedule / lifestyle, that you CAN STICK TO CONSISTENTLY…Why? Because you deserve this…

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