15 Apr

The Importance of Hydration on Your Fitness & Health Journey

The elixir of life, the secret to functional body systems, and one of the most neglected, but cheap and easy forms of self-care- hydration, or WATER! Weight loss, diets or muscle building journeys are all founded in proper hydration. With too many benefits to list (Although we tried below,) staying hydrated is step one on any health, wellness, or beauty journey. As humans, we are made up of more than 50% of water. Although this percentage changes with age and weight it is roughly around half at most times during our life. When we deprive our body of essential hydration the effects can interfere with our daily life, mindset, and health, but the long-term consequences are even more costly. 

Why is water so important for the body to function?

Water is a building block of new cells and is required for cell survival. Water helps flush waste and maintains a healthy body temperature. (Think sweat.) Water surrounds and protects our vital life sources such as babies in the womb and our brains. Water supports and helps our organs and vital systems functions. Did you know that water is part of our spines’ “shock absorber” system? Water LITERALLY gives us and maintains our life force. 

Water, Water, Water- we get it, but long-term effects of dehydration can lead to kidney failure, kidney stones, high cholesterol, obesity, hypertension, intestinal failure, muscle damage, increased urinary tract infections, seizures, inflammation, arthritis, depression, anxiety, histamine imbalances, exhaustion, and pain. The simple and free solution to avoiding these is to prioritize drinking water. 

The Benefits of Staying Hydrated

Loose Weight by Drinking Water! It's that simple.

Optimal Physical Performance

Regulation of Body Temperature

Joint Lubrication & Cushioning

Nutrient Transport and Absorption

Digestive Health

Kidney Function

Skin Health

Cognitive Function

Hearth Health

Overall Well-being

Prevents Dehydration

Electrolyte Balance

Faster Recovery

Improved Focused

Supports Nutrient Delivery

Enhanced Endurance

Watson Formula For Women:

–2.097 + (0.1069 x height in centimeters) + (0.2466 x weight in kilograms) = total body weight (TBW) in liters

Watson Formula For Men:

2.447 – (0.09145 x age) + (0.1074 x height in centimeters) + (0.3362 x weight in kilograms) = total body weight (TBW) in liters

30 Ounces of Water within 30 minutes of waking up! Kickstart your metabolism and get that gut moving.

Signs of Dehydration

How to know if you’re close to mild dehydration: Urine is dark, skin and lips are dry, less frequent trips to the restroom, low energy, constipation, extreme thirst, dizziness, and confusion. These symptoms can be rectified by drinking more fluids. 

More severe signs include: Diarrhea for 24+ hours, disoriented sleep, rejection of fluids, and black or bloody stool. Seek immediate medical attention if these occur.

The warrior parent project: Weight loss, muscle gain, sculpting, recovery, nutrition, community, health.

Remember: As Personal Trainers, our job is to give you a well-rounded approach during your fitness journey. Diet and Nutrition produce the quickest changes, but can be the hardest part. While working out produces those long-term results we want when it comes to our health; making small changes to your everyday diet routine gives you quick wins to celebrate and the motivation to keep going. We are here to help guide you and be the support you need!

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