01 Feb

BOGO: Give the Gift of Health- Busy Parents Edition

BOGO, Busy Parents, Buy one get one,

BOGO- Partner Up for Progress, Transform TOgether

We are thrilled to announce a Buy One Get One, (BOGO) Sale on our elite 1:1 Coaching Programs. This is not just a sale; it’s a chance for you to unlock your full potential and embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier and more vibrant lifestyle. 2 for the price of 1!

Welcome to 2024’s first opportunity to supercharge your fitness journey!



Bogo, The warrior parent project, Busy Parents

What's Included in the BOGO: Buy one Get one

Health and Wellness Packages: Buy One Get One!

✅ Our MetComp Matrix – full of badass fit for you custom training protocol that will take you beyond your goals, bullet proof your body, all while fitting your busy schedule.

✅ Our Flexible Calorie Cycling System – we’ll fire your metabolism into overdrive by cycling calories, and meal timing – so you can still enjoy your favorite foods, while still melting body fat, and feeling comfortable in your own skin again. This includes macro and micro coaching where you will learn how to fuel your body rather than just feed your body.

✅ Our MetBod Recovery Blueprint – to keep you strong, sexy, and safe. Bullet proofing your joints so you can enjoy your favorite activities with the family without fear of getting injured.

✅ Our 360 Accountability Formula – A dedicated expert, 1:1 coach, and layers of accountability from our team and our community will ensure they feel supported, and start every day with renewed motivation.

● Personal Weekly SMS Check-Ins

● Bi-Weekly Progress Reports: Take a deeper dive into your journey to optimize your health 10x as a team.

● Zoom Check-Ins: Face to face with your success coach to dive into your journey, wins, and provide any and all support needed.

✅ Our LifeHack Course Bundle – A series of built for you pdf’s and ebooks we have created to help us teach you our systems leaving you feeling educated and confident throughout the journey and beyond.


Your time is now: No more: waiting for the “right time,” putting yourself on the backburner and not showing up for yourself.

Let’s do this…TOGETHER,

James & The Warrior Parent Project Team

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