Welcome To The Warrior Parent Project: NASM Certified, Trauma Informed Coaching for Busy Parents

James Biccum

Hey there, Warriors! I’m James Biccum, the founder, owner, and most importantly, your NASM Certified, Trauma Informed Coaching Expert at The Warrior Parent Project. But before all those titles, I'm first and foremost a husband to the amazing Allie and a father to our three incredible daughters.

Busy Parents - Before and After Transformations



NASM Certified Coaching Staff

Our NASM Certified, Trauma Informed Coaching Staff has 10+ years of experience helping busy parents become their strongest self.

Fitness Equipment

Our Programs can be customized to work with the equipment you have on hand and we can support you with a list to expand your home workout system.

Customized Workouts

Our programs are highly customized to each of our clients- no two workouts are the same, they are exactly what you need and evolve with you.

Nutrition Programming

To achieve your desired outcomes we create a program that helps you reach your goals within a time frame that helps you succeed while still enjoying your food and indulgences.



➤Customized Workouts for your Desired Outcomes- Time Conscious
➤Programmed Recovery and Mobility Day Actions/ Support Healing
➤Bi weekly progress reports
➤weekly sms check ins from coach
➤24/5 accountability access to your coach via text or email


➤Customized Workouts for your Desired Outcomes
➤Programmed Recovery and Mobility Day Actions/ Support Healing ➤nutrition and macro guidance
➤ bi weekly progress reports ➤weekly sms check ins from coach
➤24/5 accountability access to your coach via text or email
➤Private Facebook Group


➤Customized Workouts To Support Quickest Changes to Your Body
➤Programmed Recovery and Mobility Day Actions/ Support Healing
➤individualized nutrition and macro coaching
➤1:1 zoom check in calls every 3 weeks
➤bi weekly progress reports (typeform)
➤weekly sms check ins from coach
➤24/7 accountability access to your coach via text or email
➤Private Facebook Group

Community Building is essential for success!

Join our Pro or Premier Programs and you get instant access to our exclusive Facebook Community

Connect, Share, and Grow
Perhaps the greatest benefit, though, is the opportunity to connect with like-minded parents who are all part of The Warrior Parent Project. Share your own experiences, ask questions, offer advice, and find comfort in knowing you're not alone in the unique challenges and victories of parenthood and learning to show all the way up for yourself so you can show up for your people.
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Why Join?

Being a part of our Facebook community means you’re never parenting alone; you're part of a tribe, a family that understands that the essence of being a warrior parent is where fighting spirit meets nurturing heart.
  • Exclusive Content: Access to posts, workouts, and recipes not available anywhere else.
  • Expert Guidance: Regular Q&A sessions with James and assistant coaches.
  • Community Support: A judgment-free zone to connect with fellow warrior parents.


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Client Testimonials

Jessica Medina

I started my journey about a month ago and it has been the best experience yet! James is amazing at what he does! He truly cares about helping his clients reach their goals and is always willing to help with any questions one might have. Whenever I have a question, I send him a text and he’s usually pretty quick about responding! I am a mother of 2 active kids, I work full time and I am applying to nursing schools but since I’ve started my journey I’ve lost 9 lbs! I am already feeling healthier and can see the results when I take my clothes off or look in the mirror. I am so grateful to have a coach like James who is guiding me through it all! I can’t wait to crush more goals and see the results! 10/10, highly recommended!

Yana Savina

It’s been 6 months of experience with James at TWPP so far! After reading pretty great reviews on google- I was sure that James was the right person to help me with my transformation. 6 months later I don’t have a single doubt about it ! James has been professional but also very personable approach to his clients! Understanding, supporting along the way, motivating and 100% knowing how to help his client to succeed! That’s my experience. What I especially love about my training - is that not only my body gets stronger and in shape, but also my mind! It’s very critical for me, because I want to grow and be successful in my everyday life! James definitely helps with it through sharing his knowledge and focusing on what is important! Thank you James, thank you TWPP!

Katie Donovan

What an amazing fam!!!! They care, they put in the time and they truly believe in your success. James is not only someone who talks the talk but he walks the walk. I am someone who knows the healthy lifestyle I just needed a little push and help. My biggest help I needed was mindset and through a lot of time and dedication, that James didn’t have to put in but did, it’s helped me make the forward progress to a healthy mindset that will allow this never ending healthy journey to stay positive and fruitful. Thank you James and The Warrior Parent Project fam!!!! Couldn’t have done it without you and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me.